Bininj Kunwok
Triangular Kinship Terms




Word Stem



does not exist outside of kun-debi, 'your affine'



nawuka you are my BIL, my elder/younger B, your BIL.


nawuka you are my father, my MB, your kanjok ‘BIL’.


nawuka you are my FZ, my kakkak ‘MMB’, your nakurrng ‘MMBS’.

This term index a range of relationships between the speech participants who can be:
BILs, parent M(B) or F(Z) and child, grandkin (cross not parallel, but nawukawarre for a person and their kakkak in relation to kakka’s affine)


na-wuka you are my makkah ‘FM(B)/(Z)SC’, my kakkak, your cross-cousin affine.


na-wuka you are my mamamh ‘(B)DD’, my kakkak ‘(Z)DS’ or mawah ‘(B)SS’, your husband, cross cousin or spouse’s brother.


na-wuka you are my MB, my father, your BIL.


na-wuka you are my mother, my father, your husband. Reciprocal term = ngabbard (also vocative is used ngabba, but not actual vocative context)


nawuka you are my father, my kakkak ‘MMB’, your nakurrng ‘wife’s MB’