Bininj Kunwok
Triangular Kinship Terms




Word Stem

djarrkdawon ngurrwoneng


from the verb -dawon 'be upper adjacent matrilinial generation to someone/OBJ' and djarrk 'together' and ngurrwoneng 'you two'



dawon ngurrwoneng you are my ZS (man speaking), my ZS, your mawah ‘SS’, Reciprocal term = kan-djarrkdawon ngarrwoneng

dawon ngurrwoneng you are my C (woman speaking), my C, your sibling, Reciprocal term = kan-djarrkdawon ngarrwoneng

In a more general sense, this term is used by a M or MB when talking to the woman’s C or the uncle’s sister’s C (man’s ZC) about the sibling of the hearer. That is, a mother to her child about the child’s sibling. Because FF/SC and a sibling collapse into the same class, this term can be used when the referent is either a FF/SC or a sibling of the hearer.