Bininj Kunwok
Triangular Kinship Terms




Word Stem



possibly concatination of ke '2 sg possessive' plus wurd 'child' plus male noun class prefix na-



na-kewurd, you are my mawah ‘FF’, my mamamh MF(Z/B), your cross cousin (or skewed F?).

Need to check the options for what hearer calls referent— only cross cousin, or possibly skewed cross cousin > F/S

Centricity is not clear. It could be argued that as a superclass of cross-cousin and mamamh, the term is tucentric and in the identical reciprocal term, again the term would also be tucentric. Cross-cousin of one of us and mamamh of the other.


na-kewurd you are my mawah ‘SC’, my cross-cousin (or skewed F?), your mamamh.

Cross-cousin could be skewed thus treated as a son, which is consistent with other -kewurd terms that index a man’s child.


na-kewurd you are my brother (female propositus), my BS, your son.

This is really ‘our son (patriline)’.


na-kewurd you are my sister (male propositus), my son, your BS.

Our child. Is this tucentric, nostrocentric?


na-kewurd you are my eB (male propositus), my brother's son, your son.

‘Our child (patriline)’.


na-kewurd you are my yB (male propositus), my son, your brother's son.

‘Our son (patriline)’.