Bininj Kunwok
Triangular Kinship Terms




Word Stem



ordinary kin term for one's mother's elder sister plus ko- dyad suffix, plus affinal/avoidance -warre suffix



murlahkowarre you are my C (female propositus), my sister, your mother.

Why the -warre suffix. Why not just murlah as there is no affinal or avoidance relationship involved. Could understand if a male propositus.


murlahkowarre synonym = berlenghkowarre you are my kangkinj ‘ZC’, my sister, your MeZ.

The -warre suffix refers to cross-sex sibling reference, your elder mother who is my cross-sex sibling, thus dicentric.


murlahkowarre also variant murlonghkowarre you are my child (female ego), my sister, your mother’s sibling.

Not sure why the -warre suffix, unless this term applies generally for both male and female speaker. Could be because it is the speaker’s sister, thus dicentric.