Bininj Kunwok
Triangular Kinship Terms




Word Stem



ordinary kin term for eB



kokok, you are my child (female ego), my child, your brother.


kokok, you are my mawah ‘FF’, my elder brother, your mawah ‘SS’. Reciprocal term = na-kokok


kokok, you are my mother, my elder brother, your child.


kokok, you are my skewed son (ngane-modjarrkdorrinj MBS>S), my brother, your mamamh. Reciprocal term = na-kokok

Note that the higher adjacent generation here is using an egocentric coding for the referent with the lower adjacent generation hearer. Note the asymmetry here, ‘my brother, who is your grandfather, but you don’t call me grandfather, you call me skewed up father’.


kokok, you are my eB (male propositus), my eB, your yB.

Speaker is the youngest of the three in the triangle, hearer is the eldest and referent is in the middle.


kokok- you are my yB (male propositus), my yB, your eB.

Speaker is the eldest, hearer is the youngest, referent is in the middle.